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Wednesday, January 28, 2009 ;

It's the third day of Chinese New Year already !
Well, My new year was quite okay, although it's not gonna be interesting anyway.
On New Year's
Eve, I slept like quite late..
On the first day of CNY,
I woke up around 12plus in the afternoon, :P Ha.

Went to my grandmother's place for visiting first.
Then we headed to my aunt's till the whole day.
The adults were like playing mahjong and stuffs while I watched tele the rest of the day.
Just imagine me, spent the whole day, watching TV. But good thing there's many shows to watch on Chinese New Years.
I'm like not very close to my cousins &all, cause why..
All of them are already considered as adults already, like my big brother.
My brother &I has the gap of the total six years &my cousins are like almost that age or bigger.
So I don't talk to them so often, unlike most of you guys, who has cousins to play or chat with..
&I got home by around 1am,
almost exhausted already.



On the second day of CNY,
I woke up like earlier than the day before,
Cause I had to meet hubby for his house visiting.
Was supposed to
meet him at 1.30pm,
But when he came over to my place, I was only like half prepared only..


Was at home the whole day.
Had to rest already. (:

P.S / Due to some sickening fellows who dosent mind their own business,
I have decided to take off my tagbox for some time.
&you know what, sometimes I do look down on those 'so-called nameless' scammers,
who don't have the leastest guts to write their own name on it,
like hmm, is either they are not proud of their names or they are just plain cowards.
&I think only lame people do stupid & childish things like scamming people's blog.
And please, are you just simply jealous that my hubby &I has a sweet &loving life together??
Or are you just desperately insane & sick of all the lovey-dovey from us..
While YOU, don't have any from, maybe your lover, your crush,
Or, you doesnt even have one. If that's the case, then what a pity.
And you did nonsense acts & hoping to break us up.
But I advise you, please stop being a busybody & mind your own affairs.
Cause nothing you do will break us up, stop wasting your time & stop whinning about.
Thank You.

------ The End ------

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